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Go Placements places students in their dream internship or volunteering roles around the world! Choose an international internship agency that specializes in Europe, Africa, Australia and USA Let them arrange your internship, accommodation, rental cars and help with University documentation too! Go for it!

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Go Placements is more than an internship and volunteering agency, they are your partners on the ground, making your dream internship or volunteering role, a reality!

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Go Placements is an international internship and volunteering agency. We specialize in Europe, Africa, Australia and USA, working with local and multinational firms to offer internships and volunteering programs that offer real value and experience.

We have offices in both Europe, USA, Australia and Africa, with dedicated teams to assist you on the ground with your internship or volunteering program. Whether it be accommodation or car rental, we are there to help make your internship or volunteering program, a memorable one.

We offer internships in every field or industry you can imagine, from advanced microbiology research to logistics internships. We have a large international network of partner companies just waiting to receive your CV and motivational letter.

An internship in Europe, offers a work experience in one of the central economic hubs in the world. Many ancient cities with a rich cultural diversity await! Whether you are doing a finance internship in Berlin or a marketing internship in Barcelona, we are there to help you.

Internships in Africa require some extra help due to the difference in culture. We arrange your internship, student accommodation, car rental, SIM-card and adventure travel. We bridge the cultural gap and make sure you have a safe and fun time.

Think of working for large multinational firms during the week and then skydiving, shark cage diving or a Big 5 Safari on the weekend. Africa is the land of adventure!

An internship in New York ” The big Apple, the city that never sleeps”. We offer internships in the USA in all major cities. The USA will give you endless opportunities to gain an amazing experience!

Our volunteering programs run in South Africa and Mozambique. We work closely with local community projects to offer volunteering opportunities that will make a real difference in people’s lives and are safe.

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“I had a great internship and made a real difference at the company. I also enjoyed shooting in South Africa as this is my sport in the Netherlands, also. Thank You, Go Placements”
Benji, Logistics Internship
Go Placements secured a dream internship on a beautiful wine estate just outside Stellenbosch, South Africa. I had a wonderful time in this country!

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